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In the summer period we provide guided tours of our premises. Guided tours are primarily given in English and Italian but also tours in German, Dutch, Spanish, French and Swedish can be arranged.

We are located 1000 meters above the sea level in the small dolomites 100 kilometers west of Venice. The closest town and train station is Schio from where you can ascend the Novegno Mount where we are located. The foundation GPS coordinates are 45.752072, 11.304921. Click on the TEBAH icon to view how you can most conveniently reach us.

If you are coming by car one suggested root is to use the parking facility in the near of the Vegetarian restaurant Da Marco (letter C in the below map) and from there you can follow the directions of the below map to reach our site. At Da Marco you will also be able to purchase a meal and check their cultural initiatives such as concerts and a gnome walk for children. You will also able to rent a bedroom at a reasonable price.

The Larnax foundation access points

Alternatively a 20 minutes walk through the foundation valley can be done by departing from Contrada Costenieri (letter A in the above map), the small cluster of houses you can see in the picture below. After checking our pavilions you can then proceed to Contrada Rossi (letter B) from where you can reach your point of departure.

Alberto Frigo's Tebah West view at the Larnax Foundation

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