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The Larnax Foundation focuses on the work of outsider and visionary artists whose life-effort comes to create a form of syncretism healing the dangerous polarization brought about by new forms of mass communication.

We thus look at marginal practices which have flourished in little known peripheries and have come to sum up in a precarious architectural forms which like Noah Arks' of their time sample elements of a life otherwise torn apart these media.

Our main inspirations are:

  • Chalermchai Kosipipat's White Temple in Thailand
  • Ferdinand Cheval's Ideal Palace in France
  • Jim Bishop's Castle in the United States
  • Luigi Lineri's Stones in Italy
  • Justo Gallego Martínez's Cathedral in Spain
  • Sam Rodia's Watts Towers in the United States

    Moreover we are inspired by those artists who have focused more on the content than on the container for their life-stowing work. These artists are more likely to have used a closet to stow their maniac documentation of a life they might have sensed as endangered. Following is a list of these artists:

  • Jacopo Pontormo's Diaries
  • August Sander's People of the 20th Century
  • Dziga Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera
  • Vivian Maier's Boxes
  • Janina Turek's Diaries
  • George Perec's Life a User Manual
  • Carolina Maria de Jesus's Favela Diary of a scavenger
  • Robert Shields' Journaling every 5 minutes and for 20 years

    These artists truly show how Noah-ark-like and prophetic they have been as emphasized in the following quote by George Steeves:

    Sander’s premonitions of calamitous adversity, triggered by his reading of the signs all about him, impelled him to alter the emphasis of his photographic practice. The collecting for People of the 20th Century slowed while landscape and architectural work accelerated. Sander had been assembling cityscapes and architectural details of his adopted home of Cologne since 1920. In the last years of the 1930s he assiduously pursued his aesthetic convictions in photographs of the city. Could he have apprehended its approaching near total destruction?

    Alberto Frigo's Tebah in the snow at the Larnax Foundation

    Ideally we are seeking for long lasting collaborations with artists who both work with life-stowing content and the actual container as exemplified by our TEBAH pavilion. However we are also working on a more traditional museum and archival site where to host and eventually present these more content oriented practices as we have showcased in 2015 at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

    So far the artists we have collaborated with can be found in our early exhibits and publications. Here is a list of them:

  • Morris Villarroel Shadow of the stream
  • Jacek Smolicki's On-going projects
  • Ellie Harrison early Internet/Broadcasts works
  • Iwan Wilaga Thank you for my Daily Food Project
  • Danielle Roberts Reverse Calendar and other projects

    What we are not interested about is the history of more automated and privacy infringing forms of life-logging and quantifying which may rely to the assistance of technology or other humans such as in the 20th century work of Buckminster Fuller, Steve Mann and Gordon Bell that have in turn inspired big American corporations such as Microsoft and Google to try to create wearable devices to track the life of individuals, projects that due to their ethical concerns have luckily never been taking off.

    Also we are absolutely not interested about info graphic artists that do some quantifying or self-tracking just because it is sort of in fashion to do so as in the Dear Data project by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec or in Feltron's Annuals and in many more celebrated mostly American examples. We are truly seeking for life committed and peripheral examples to promote with our space.

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