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In a time of environmental and social crisis the Larnax Foundation seeks to provide the point of arrival for Noah-like outsider artists who wish to dock their arks within a safe haven where their content can be disclosed and life can eventually regenerate.

We defy any logging, tracking, quantifying, hoarding or archiving practices; we defy any form of effortless automation enslaving humanity within power frameworks. We are interested in promoting peripheral and effortful practices stowing a life endangered by these very forms of automation!

To avoid any religious connotations, our foundation is named after Larnax, the box which enabled the Greek mythological characters of Deucalion and Pyrrha to escape the great flood. As in many other deluge myths from all around the world also the Larnax eventually ended up on a mountain, in this case Mount Parnassus, the house of the Muses.

The Larnax Foundation valley

Similarly our foundation is located on the slope of a mountain facing the Venetian plateau on the east and the small dolomites to the west. In some ways then it is the perfect location to dock and disclose the work of marginal media artists. In this respect the foundation aligns itself to Marshall McLuhan's thinking:

"In the history of human culture there is no example of a conscious adjustment of the various factors of personal and social life to new extensions except in the puny and peripheral efforts of artists. The artist picks up the message of cultural and technological challenge decades before its transforming impact occurs. He, then, builds models of Noah's arks for facing the change that is at hand."

Originally the idea of a digital legacy and cultural heritage foundation was conceived in 2012 with the contribution of Jacek Smolicki who dropped out of the project as soon as the time arrived to materialize it. Later the idea was carried out by Alberto Frigo with the help of: Davide di Saro, Myrthe Nagtzaam, August Brunnberg, Elisabetta Basili, Elise Beuke, Vito Mosele, Christof and Nico.

August Brunnberg at the Larnax Foundation Myrthe Nagtzaam at the Larnax Foundation Emanuele Mondin at the Larnax Foundation Elise Beuke at the Larnax Foundation Elisabetta Basili at the Larnax Foundation Davide di Saro at the Larnax Foundation Vito Mosele at the Larnax Foundation Alberto Frigo at the Larnax Foundation

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